We have to put people first, just like the bipartisan infrastructure bill does by targeting $100 million for sorely need repairs to the Milk River Project across the hi-line. The funds will improve irrigation along the 720 miles of the Milk, refurbish the St Mary’s diversion dam, and provide good-paying jobs. Improvements to Montana roads, highways, and bridges; development of broadband services; refurbishment of municipal water systems—all are provided by the infrastructure bill. As your representative in Congress, I will make sure that Montana gets its fair share from the infrastructure bill and that our infrastructure needs are not ignored. Safer roads, high-speed internet, better drinking water all put people first. Included benefits for Montana in the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act: New Initiatives using the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (which Penny can cite) - Reliable and up to date internet and television access - Develop a nationwide 5G wireless network - Secure $1.3 billion for Montana Indian Water Rights including settlement $$ for the Crow Tribe - Secure $11.5 million for Montana public transit - Secure $225 million (over 5 years) for Montana bridges - Secure $45 million in 2022 to repair and replace aging bridges Postal reform Ag/Cattle Bills - Investigate violations of the Packers and Stockyard Act (1921) - Introduce a bill to increase cattle spot market sales - Revive mandatory country-of-origin labeling for red meat - Pass a bill to ban the importation of Brazilian beef - Pass a bill to allow state-inspected processors to sell across state lines - Introduce the farmers’ ‘right to repair’ equipment Source: 7/25/2022


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