Lower Health Care Costs

Lower Health Care Costs

Montana families have been devastated with higher premiums and higher deductibles that have made health care completely unaffordable. Matt will continue working to expand access and reduce health care costs because he believes we must provide more affordable options and better care to all Montanans while also protecting those with pre-existing conditions. Matt’s proud of the work he’s accomplished at the state and the federal level to provide more affordable care and expand health care access. When he served as Montana State Auditor, Matt was responsible for authorizing direct primary care agreements, a high-quality, affordable alternative to high-deductible, high-premium insurance. This action has allowed Direct Primary Care facilities to open doors in nearly every major city across Montana and provide access to routine health care at an affordable monthly rate. Matt also worked hard to protect Montanans with pre-existing conditions and ensure they have access to affordable health care. During his time in Congress, Matt has introduced legislation such as the Department of Veterans Affairs Telehealth Strategy Act to help best serve the healthcare needs of our nation’s heroes, and the Rural Telehealth Expansion Act to help save Montanans time, energy, and money by increasing access telehealth services. Source: https://mattformontana.com/?issues=lower-health-care-costs 7/25/2022


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