Second Amendment

Second Amendment

For the past 6 years, I have been a part of MOMS Demand Action. I support the 2nd Amendment, common-sense gun laws, and funding mental health. These are all compatible with one another and one does not deny the other from successfully protecting our freedoms. In fact, the second two enhance the first. When danger or harm is proven to be present, the United States government, historically, has worked to implement protections for its people. We see this during the Nixon administration when members of Congress worked together to end toxic pollution in our air and water and again when members of Congress worked together to address childhood hunger and malnutrition. With these two examples alone, Congress and the White House created programs that have long benefited the health and well-being of generations of Americans. More examples include how protections were put into place when the United States government addressed packaging of over-the-counter medication, bacteria in food, child labor, smoking in public, items that can be taken aboard an airplane, seat belts in cars, child car seats, the amount of alcohol a person can consume and legally drive a car, traffic laws, and so on. It is the responsibility of government to ensure reasonable laws are in place that protect its citizenry from harm. Gun ownership is a part of our United States Constitution under the Second Amendment. However, gun violence is not. Gun ownership is normal throughout our country. Gun violence must never be. It is the responsibility of government to protect its people from the danger and harm of gun violence. In the same way harm to Americans has been addressed in the past, Congress and the White House can and needs to address gun violence in our country by working together to create reasonable laws that protect law abiding citizens. One way to start is for Congress to study and develop an understanding of the true nature of mass shootings. By understanding the nature of this type of gun violence, evidence-based solutions can be created and implemented. By studying the true nature of gun violence, Congress can implement reasonable action addressing gun violence in our country. Two areas that have been studied and where reasonable laws can be implemented to prevent harm and save lives are suicide prevention and domestic violence. With information and studies available, lawmakers have the opportunity to prevent harm and save lives by passing legislation that requires background checks; exercising due process to temporarily remove firearms through Extreme Risk laws; and preventing domestic abusers from legally possessing firearms. Funding mental health care must also become as important to Congress as funding other forms of serious illness. Mental illness and substance abuse disorder must be addressed as the public health issues they are. Additional areas of common ground consideration for responsible gun ownership: - Raising the age at which AR-15-style and other semiautomatic rifles can be purchased. - Requirement for gun safety training, especially for minors owning guns. - Expanding background checks. - Safe storage. Source: 7/25/2022


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