The world has watched in horror as Russia invaded Ukraine and continues to bomb cities and kill innocent civilians including children. Like many in Montana and throughout the world, my heart continues to break for the Ukrainian people as they bravely defend their country and their democracy. Representative Rosendale believes that the United States does not have a moral obligation to come to the aid of a “small Eastern European country halfway across the world”. I do not agree. Thankfully, neither does the majority of a bi-partisan Congress, nor President Biden, nor our NATO Allies, nor the rest of the democratic world. Aid comes in different forms. Currently, the United States is joining our Allies in placing heavy sanctions on Russia and its leadership. In alignment with our Allies, the United States is also sending aid in the form of weapons to Ukraine. I stand in solidarity with our NATO Allies and Ukraine. American values side with democracy and freedom. American patriotism has a long history of coming to the aid of democracy throughout the world and aligns with countries that do the same. We absolutely have a moral obligation to our American values. Sadly, Representative Rosendale is also misleading the American public on the economic impact Ukraine has to the United States and our European Allies. The United States Trade Representative reported that the latest figures available, from 2019, show a $3.7 billion dollar total in trade between Ukraine and the United States. Over the past 24 years, U.S. exports to Ukraine have increased nearly 11 percent every year. Ukraine is important to Europe too. In 2020, trade between the European Union and Ukraine totaled nearly $49 billion. It may be far away to some, but Ukraine means dollars and cents to our economy and to the economy of our allies. And its democracy means freedom and survival to its people. I stand in solidarity with our NATO Allies and Ukraine. I believe Montanans do also. We must put People Over Politics and work to bring unity back to our country and peace back to democracies throughout the world, and I believe Montanans feel the same. Source: 7/25/2022


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