National Defense

National Defense

Matt Rosendale’s vote against a House Bill to support Ukraine (426-3) and his attempt to withhold funding for the war effort was the tipping point for me. I filed for U.S. Congress against him. His previous votes against commendations for the U.S. Capitol police force and his opposition to supporting Afghan allies of the U.S. were part of a trend. On March 30, he attended a meeting of the pro-Putin wing of the Republican Party. As part of Rosendale’s off-the-wall speech, he stated, “President Zelensky was the less than forthright President of the Ukraine”. I will not embarrass Montanans on issues like national security and support of Ukraine. The western world is now united on these subjects except for very few extremists like Mr. Rosendale. Unlike our former president, I will support a tremendous increase of funding for NATO. I will vote to increase the upcoming national defense budget not only because of Putin, but threats from China. I am disappointed that progressives, like Bernie Sanders, are opposing increases in the defense budget. My father was a professional in the CIA and I think we need more support for intelligence in an increasingly dangerous cyber world. Source: 7/25/2022


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