Public Lands and Public Access

Public Lands and Public Access

I am worried that hunting, fishing, hiking, and outdoor recreation will be out of reach for the average Montanan. I don’t believe the Montana Constitution is a “socialist rag”, like a Republican running for state office has stated. I think our Constitution’s statement of the right to a clean environment is sacred. I was awarded a Lifetime National Honorary Trout Unlimited membership and the Montana Wildlife Conservation annual award for my efforts on clean water. I believe that in Montana, the public owns the water and wildlife equally. I don’t believe in a movement to turn wildlife over to landowners. I also believe that most landowners are responsible and support public access and Montana sportsmen. My family, especially my son and grandson, are responsible, ethical hunters and fishermen. Above all, I believe that our existing wild lands and public lands should be managed to be retained in their present and wild condition. Source: 7/25/2022


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