98% Of Our Representatives Are Re-elected

98% Of Our Representatives Are Re-elected

Americans believe their representatives are bought, and they are. The guaranteed campaign financing that flows from corporations & special interests along with a barrage of "issue" advertising from anonymous sources has corrupted every aspect of our government. Our representatives are forced to court special interests in order to get the money needed to be reelected and keep their jobs. Our representatives spend far more time asking for money than they ever do working on our nation's problems. Federal term limits are not the solution Special interests will simply focus their financial muscle on the successful election of their next choice to represent them in Congress. Beholden to the people or industry that put them there, the new representatives will do what they are told. Money is not speech Until we get rid of the Supreme Court's damaging Citizens United decision, the pernicious corruption it has brought to our democracy will continue. There will be no civilized debate, only the financial incentive to manufacture more outrage. Source: https://rankinforcongress.com/the-issue-1 7/25/2022


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